Saturday, 4 April 2009

About the new Digg Bar

Digg launched it's new tool, the digg bar a couple of days ago and it has already generated a lot of interest

For those new to social bookmarking, Digg is one of the major bookmarking sites that has evolved into a sort of networking site as well. You can digg your pages at the site and it becomes immediately visible to digg users. If your story is interesting or useful then other digg members could digg it as well. The idea is the more popular a story is the more diggs it gets

Obviously the system like any other system online is abused.

For example people form cooperatives, large networks that mutually digg each others submissions to artificially create the illusion of post popularity.

But you can usually sniff this out.

However digg is a very useful site for generating traffic to your sites or blogs...IF YOU HAVE GOOD CONTENT.

This blog for example has garnered a few diggs from that bookmarking site.

Now about the new Digg Bar.

This is a small bar that goes across the top of any website that digg links out to. So all the sites submitted in digg if accessed through the digg site will load with this new bar across the top of it

To see an example of the digg bar in action click

So in what way does it help

  • Short URL. The digg URL is a shortened one so easier to distribute in emails and texts

  • Easier Digg interface. In the old days you had to toggle between the destination site, i.e the stories own webpage, and the digg page where the story is submitted. Now it is easier to read any article or post and digg it all on the same page.

  • View Comments. Digg allows digg members to write comments on stories dugg. With the new digg bar, you can view the Digg comments on the story right there at the destination or article page.

  • More data. The new digg bar shows how many diggs a page has, how many comments on the digg site and also how many times the story has been viewed

  • Stumble function. The digg bar also allows you to go on to other dugg pages by clicking on the random button

Bottom line. The digg bar is still new and the jury is still out on this one. However I think it adds more functionality to the digg process and so far I like it


that guy said...

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ami said...

Thank you for the comment.

Unfortunately I do not engage in link exchanges.

One way links really are the best links to have from the SEO point of view and I just aim to put out content that people will want to link to for the value of the information

But thank you for your kind offer