Sunday, 26 April 2009

Ezinearticles, Traffic and Your Website Part 2

Your content.

You would think this was pretty obvious.

Unique content is key.
None of this PLR articles or rehashed content from someone else's website. Your articles should offer some unique information to your readers.
We've all seen the articles that say the same thing over and over and over....
Different authors, different titles, same old content.

It just does not make sense.
If you see a couple of articles by the same author, that have nothing new or interesting to share and does not add to the general body of information already available to you; what do you do when you come across another article by the same just don't bother. Life is too damn short!

Structured content.
This is one really cool, not so little tip that works.
Remember all those articles that have a list of tips or a list of reference. The top 10 lists. If done properly and researched thoroughly these are absolute winners.

But if you are going to write a top 10 list, you had better make sure that the tips, websites, products or whatever else it is you are talking about truly are the top 10.

I read an article about top 3 methods of getting backlinks for SEO. The article talked about social bookmarking, blog commenting and directory submissions. What! Top 3 methods? More like average methods. Obviously the author had not done their research. Social bookmarking sites are increasingly using 'no follow' attribute in their links. There is a small loop hole that you can take advantage of but that's for another post. Maybe. directories? well you know all about directory submissions and blogs are just so hit or miss.

So the message again is if you are planning to write an article in the 'top list' format.. do your homework first. Just saves your reputation getting a knock

Some articles are soooo boring to read. Not the content but the tone. It reads like a lecture by your worst biochemistry professor. A drone.

Your articles need to have some character and wit to them. When we go round life, we don't have conversations in lecturer or textbook fashion. Each of us has a different way of speaking. Something that brands you as you. Some little quirk that your friends say definitely trademarks you. In the same way, your articles must have personality. They must have wit and character, a tone that allows your readers to fly through your article, engaged because it feels like a real personality is talking to them.

Stay on Topic.
So basic and yet so crucial. You announce via your article's title that it is going to be about SEO. So make sure the content is about SEO. It's not rocket science. Really. It is amazing how often I have clicked on an articles title expecting to find something and then you read the article two or three times wondering, 'Have I missed something' or 'Where is that content the title promised me?' Make sure your articles stay on topic. Err the same topic that your article's title offered would be the place to stay.
Okay enough for one post.
More coming on ezinearticles, traffic and your website

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