Thursday, 23 April 2009

Digg Offline But Why?

Tried to log in to my Digg account this morning and was greeted by this message

And off course , apart from the mild irritation about the inconvenience of it all, I started wondering why?

Recent events in the news surrounding Digg may have contributed

  • There was the launch of the new Digg bar approximately one month ago which has had to undergo a few updates since. Mixed reception from Digg users. A Google search for 'digg bar' came back with 5 out of the top 10 results being negative about the tool bar. Perhaps the rejig is to sort out the tool bar issues, but previous updates did not require the site to go down

  • The Microsoft ads thing. Digg has had a advertising relationship with Microsoft for a while now. But anyone in the internet marketing community would have come across the news that Digg has ended this contract a year early in favour of in house advertising team. This simply means that the ads on Digg are managed by Digg staff.

Nothing in either story to merit closing down, albeit temporarily, the Digg site

The time that I am aware of that Digg went offline was in 2007. This had to do with people sharing codes for some HD-DVDs . Naughty but it happens. Unfortunate Digg decided to delete some of these posts from their site raising the issue of censorship. Didn't go down well with the Digg community, i.e members, and soon after Digg went offline. Perhaps to consider options. But Digg came back, the censorship issue was resolved out and everyone seemed reasonably happy

So it leaves the question

Why is Digg offline today and when will it be back online?

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ami said...

Seems that Digg is back online.