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Ezinearticles, Traffic and Your Website 3

Keywords And Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

Must confess I tend to write articles, for ezinearticles, my blogs and websites; on the fly.

But I can do this because I have some knowledge of SEO and keyword selection. My keyword research does not start when I sit down to pen an article.

It really is an ongoing process. Browsing the web, I come across posts and articles that I think, 'Hmmm I'd like to write about this' or 'I could throw more light on that' And 'I wonder how many people would be interested in this'

So I have a long list of things, keywords, posts that I am yet to write. By the time I sit down to write, I have had the idea rattling around my head and bumping into other ideas for a while. So I just sit down and write

But if you are new to writing articles, then you must take the time to do some formal keyword research. How to choose the right Keywords covers this in some detail. I know it seems a very involved process but with some practice you'll find that you'll be doing great keyword research within 5 minutes.

What you want are keywords that attract traffic and buyers

Once you have discovered the keywords that would apply to the content of your article, you need to do some search engine optimization.

I am not talking about generating a ton of backlinks to your ezine article, although that definitely helps. I am talking about on page SEO.

Article SEO involves
  • Including your keyword early in the title of your article.
  • Including your keyword early in the body of your content. Within the first 25 words.
  • Make sure that it makes an appearance somewhere near the end of the article.
  • A few mentions of your keywords and variations of your keywords, in the body of your content is good [BUT DO NOT GO OVER BOARD].
  • Also you must keep LSI in mind. LSI means latent semantic indexing. I know the more savvy of you have seen the videos denouncing LSI and have your doubts. But I use LSI and it really has made a difference to my SERP performance. Bottom line is even if it does not help your SEO, it doesn't hurt you either

You may be asking why bother with SEO for your ezinearticles submissions?

Agreed ezinearticles is a directory of articles on many topics. And the purpose is for webmasters looking for content to their sites to go to this directory and copy your article and include the article, as is, on their webpages. This includes publishing your biobox which has your signature with, hopefully a link to your website. And it is through these republished articles that you get backlinks and traffic to your site.

But using search engine optimized articles gives you another possible source of traffic.

If your SEO is spot on, the article itself can rank high in the search engines for relevant keywords. This means more views, more readers and more URL clicks

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