Saturday, 25 April 2009

Ezinearticles, Traffic and Your Website

So we all know about bum marketing or article marketing or whatever else you wish to call it.

The basics of bum marketing is covered in bum marketing basics so we are not going to go into that here

What we want to cover here is how can you use ezine articles to increase traffic to your website?

If you browse the site you will find a ton of articles on all sorts of weird and wonderful niches. And some of these articles are pretty good

But let's admit it, some of the articles just suck!!

But to get back on point have you noticed that some of these articles get a ton of views and a large number of URL clicks.

And some of them even get republished on other people's sites

So how can you get your ezinearticles submissions to work for you, i.e get traffic to your site, rather than just working for ezinearticles, increasing content on their site?

We are talking about writing articles that
  • Get views, loads of views from people who are actually interested in your content
  • Get Click throughs to your website or other URL you put in the biobox
  • Get redistributed to other websites

Watch out for the next post for some article writing tips

1 comment:

Multimastery said...

Yeah fellow blogger you're right I've read a lot of trash slapped together articles that simply suck! Some type of thought needs to go into an article that's for sure. I will look forward to your next post:)