Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Google Adsense To Axe Video Unit Format

Google adsense, it seems is going to pull the video ad units from the adsense program. The video units allowed adsense publishers to add you tube content and video ads to their websites

If you already use adsense video units on your websites, Google will be completely withdrawing this service by the end of April so you have till then to change to the TEXT format

For newbies to adsense, no worries, the option for video ads just will not be available to you.

Not a surprise though that Google is withdrawing this ad format. Any one who has been into adsense publishing for any period of time will confirm that the conversions of the video units are poor at best.

Makes sense really for Google to discontinue the video ad units. If it's not making money for us the adsense publishers, then probably Google are not getting a lot of income from them either

message again is convert your adsense ads display format to Text format by the end of April if you are monetising your websites with adsense


that guy said...

has anyone earned any revenue through UTUBE?

ami said...

Hi That guy
I have yet to understand the concept. We know that the best adsense ads are text only adds so not sure that there will be many who have tried the you tube adsense option

I however have recently started making training videos and added them to you tube. There has been better traffic from that than I expected but it's early days yet

Dan Williams said...

I tried the video ads on a few of my blogs, and never earned anything at all through them. It is fine, that they are being axed.