Saturday, 21 March 2009

Own Group In Facebook Is It A Good Idea

Facebook is a method of generating traffic and leads in your niche marketing business

And if you read any of the Facebook Internet marketing 'guides' a frequently repeated 'tip' is create your own group.

But I wonder how viable is this.

First I must come clean with you.
I have a Facebook account and it does help generate traffic to my sites.
I don't have my own group i.e one that I created and have no intention of starting one in the near future. But that's just me. And you may ask. Why?

Because I don't yet have the following in my Facebook account to make it work

So what are the requirements to fulfil if you want to launch a successful group on Facebook?

  • Establish Reputation
  • Build a large group of friends
  • Have a really good freebie to give away when they join
  • Make sure that you have some useful info and a couple of pillar videos to share with your group
  • Moderate your group

The idea is to try and get about 500 members in your group within a short period of time. Why?

Because people are more likely to join groups that already have a large membership.

We have all had those group invites where we click to take a look at the group and find...37 members. Not one to join really!

So perhaps having my own group on Facebook is a good idea. I had better get busy building those relationships

Till next time

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