Friday, 6 March 2009

Taking Your Blog To Super Blog Status

So many people start blogging with the dream of getting thousands of daily visitors to their blog and making a ton of money.

But the majority fail.

So is it possible to take a blog to super blog status as an individual one man band?

Now this blog, Niche Traffic Sale is nowhere near super blogdom.

But I asked myself could I reach these lofty heights if I wanted to?

And after a shed load of research and analysis the answer is a definite yes.

And this is the result of my research

Characteristics of blogs that have attained super blogdom

The blogs are all branded. Be it shoemoney, uberaffiliate, problogger, huffington post or matt cutts these blogs have branded there name.

For some reason, probably because of the emphasis on SEO we tend to name our blogs based
on the keywords we are going after. Take this blog for example.

But shoemoney? I suppose it has money in the name. But the point is short, easy to remember names and they spend time branding these names.

Majority of the really successful blogs post everyday.
Some post several times a day.

And not just any old stocking filler post.

They post articles that are informative, unique, useful and authoritative. Some refer to these as 'Pillar posts'
Some of us write pillar posts some of the time. But you will find that in the authority blogs, ALL their posts are pillar posts . Each post is thoroughly researched with tons of information and nothing left out

I have not come across a super blog that was not niche specific. Huffington post is politics, shoe money is online marketing.

Name the super blog and you are looking at a specific niche.

So what should you be doing on your blogs. Perhaps staying niche focused is a good place to start

I was reading an article on one of these blogs and I thought 'That's odd! It doesn't have the usual feel to it'
I looked at the top of the post and read 'guest post' 'Aha, that
explains it' I thought.

You see each of blogs that have achieved great status have personality. There is a certain manner of speaking, a way of expressing their views. You could see a post from these blogs on any other site and be almost certain, this is a shoe money post or uberaffiliate entry.

You blog needs to have a personality of it's own. Regular readers should get a sense of familiarity when reading a new post on your blog. Relating to your readers is like relating to your friends. You don't change your personality with every new encounter with a friend so why should your blog?

The focus mainly appears to be researching and putting out useful information on the niche. They give you the impression they are passionate about their topic and aim to share as much information about their chosen subject as possible.

These blogs do not post pitch after pitch after pitch. Yes they monetize their blogs and certainly they seem to make a lot of money from these blogs. But they realize that the best way to get people to trust your recommendations is to first get them to trust you.

All the super blogs I visited have a comments box and have tons of comments per post. I suppose the ability of a visitor to air their own opinion ads to the perceived value of a blog but it seems to go beyond that.

Opt in box.
The majority have an opt in form somewhere above the fold of the page with a really nice incentive that is usually created by them.

None of this PLR ebooks that you can find on a dozen other blogs.

But informative ebooks or videos that are unique to that particular blog

Social Bookmarking.
We know that social bookmarking can help generate traffic to our blogs and we sometimes bookmark some of our posts.

But ALL of the super blogs have bookmarking icons on there blogs. The popular bookmarking icons are digg, sphinn, stumble upon and technorati.

A ginormous network.
These guys are EVERYWHERE.
Be it article directories, dmoz, digg, you tube, craigslist. Name it, they've been there and done that

So is it possible to take any blog to super blog status?

The question is have you got the time and dedication it takes to do this?

I don't know about you but for me, well I only do this for the fun of it
Till next Time


Vinay Rai said...

there is no definite plan to get traffic to your blog except for being patient and honest.

ami said...

Again I am forced to disagree. You could put a great blog out there and wait for the traffic to come but that doesn't happen anymore. The days of 'build it and they shall come' are well and truly over.

With the large number of blogs launched everyday in the blogosphere, any blog owner who wants to have a serious web presence needs to be very proactive about getting traffic to their blogs

Personal Development and Life Skills said...

Thank you for your information. I am a newbie and trying to learn from so many people, it is beyond me. I have a wordpress blog and I still cannot add the drop on the menu.