Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Exploring the Twitter Search Function

Found me a new toy.

It's the Twitter search function. and boy is it something!

Twitter has become a house hold name and to be honest initially I was skeptic about the whole miniblog thing. Add to that the risk of being scammed on twitter and you can understand my less than enthusiastic reception of this social networking tool

Yes, I have managed to get a few followers without soliciting for them.

And yes, it is a good forum for following the trail blazers in this business.

But all in all didn't really 'set my imagination on fire'

Until I found this cool tool. It's the twitter search function and it is a must use for any Internet marketer. Talk about niche research at your finger tips.

And it is really simple to use.

Say you are thinking of going into the plasma TV industry and you want up to the moment information about that niche. What are your options

  • Google search. But we know all about the requirements to rank high in Google for any keyword. There is domain age and backlinks and all those things that can be easily manipulated by any savvy SEO specialist. So perhaps not the best way to get up to the minute information on a niche

  • Keyword tools. And there are some really good ones around. For example wordtracker and keyword spy. The problem is the links will take you to the free trial which has limited results and you have to pay some money to get full results

  • Google adwords tool. Not really up to the moment niche discovery. More demand and supply analysis

Enter Twitter search.

Just enter the keyword and all the tweets on that topic will be displayed. You will find out the latest news and gossip. How people are promoting this. What non marketers are saying about it. You must remember only a small proportion of twitter users are actually Internet marketers. Instant niche research without paying a penny.

Till next time


Wolfgang said...

An ever better tool for keyword search is the keyword alert with tweetlater. You can define a couple of keywords and then you'll get alert e-mails in a time-frame you set. So you never miss a keyword, as with the twitter tool when you aren't able to perform the search every few hours.

ami said...

Absolutely agree with you Wolfgang and thanks for dropping by
Tweet Later
is a really cool tool. It has, as well as keyword alerts, a whole host of other useful functions