Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Ton of Website Traffic. No Adsense Clicks

Ever had a website that is getting a large number of unique visitors but no-one is showing the least bit of interest in your adsense ads? This is a recurring thread in most Internet marketing forums. The adsense gurus tell us that the key is to get a ton of traffic to our adsense websites. And up to a point this is true.

If you read making money with adsense. The traffic question you will see that targeted traffic does play a big role in making a significant amount of money with adsense

But you have mastered the traffic issue and still no clicks!

There are certain things that you must do on your website to increase the click through rate of your adsense ads. Now I will say this from the start.


Adsense conversion tip 1: Test your ad format. You must test different formats for your ads. If you have watched any good adsense training video like adsense decoded, you will know that testing is everything. I will admit that the title of this post applied very much to me before I learned this one simple fact. There are several different formats for adsense. You could use the links unit or adsense blocks. You will need to test each format to see what works.

Adsense link unit.

This has a list of keywords and clicking on one of these takes you to a page with a list of adsense ads for the relevant keyword. your visitor need to click on one of these for your site to be credited for the clikc. SO this means you need to clicks from your visitor to make any money but in some situations this actually works well

Adsense Ad Block.

These are the traditional blocks that we are ore used to they have a description and a URL. with these you will need only one click from your visitor to be credited with the click. But these blocks come in different sizes and shapes ranging from skyscrapers to banner format. You need to try different formats of these ads to find what works on your site

Adsense conversion tip 2: Adsense code. In the old days the general advice was to blend the colors of your ads to merge with the color of the text on your website. So that the ads don't look like ads. But with some experience I have found that this doesn't always hold true. Through testing, some of my sites actually have better click through rate with ads that have colors that clash with my text. Again it all comes down to testing

Adsense conversion tip 3: Hot spots.There are certain areas on a webpage that the eyes are naturally drawn to.

Put your adsense blocks in the hot zones

Just these three tips could help improve the exposure of the adsense ads on your adsense monetised sites and increase your click through rate

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