Saturday, 21 February 2009

Google Insights. Great Keyword Tool

Great free keyword research and niche discovery tool. We are talking about Google insights for search which is at
It's free and from Google and it gives you the trends of search for any word or phrase you type in.

Why is it great?

Imagine you are trying to do some niche research. Your possible keyword is say 'dog collars' for example.

For most keyword research tools, if you type in Dog collars, they will return a recent search volume and maybe the search volume for related words. And that's great

But how do you know whether this is a keyword term with a search volume in decline, for example. Yes the numbers look good but are they the worst they have ever been and declining.

Or is it a keyword with seasonal popularity and you just happened to be doing your research during the keywords 'Boom' period.

Or is it a keyword or niche on the rise or just about to break out. So although there is little search volume currently, the trend indicates possibility of an emerging niche.

The usual keywords really cannot answer these questions at the click of the mouse

Enter Google insights for search. A mouthful but never mind.

This tool shows you the trend for the keyword you are querying. You can format it to show the trend over the past week, a month or 4 years. there are other options, you just got to check it out for yourself.

Also it allows you to check trends for specific regions. If your market is in Mexico, then you really are interested in your keywords search volume in Mexico. Insights allows you to do this

So take a look at Google Insights for search. It's a free tool by Google and I am finding it quite useful

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