Sunday, 8 February 2009

35 Backlink strategies. Do I Need That many?

Recently read a post on a forum about 35 backlinking strategies. And the list is quite good. Some of the methods do not get you a do follow backlink but hey, live visitors can follow links too.

The post got me thinking about this fevered search for as many backlinks as possible.

Acknowledged, at the moment, backlinks go a long way in your quest to 'dominate the search engines'. And as at least half of the marketers out there are 'slaves to Google', the quest for backlinks is big business.

But seriously, do you really need 35 methods of building backlinks to your site to make things work?

This business is supposed to be about passive income. You know! It's about setting it up and letting it run. And it actually does work.

Yes admittedly, the set up process involved building the site and getting some incoming links, but then it really should be self perpetuating once the initial work is done. Leaving you free to build your next campaign

With 35 backlinking strategies, wow you are going to be busy for the rest of your life, and still only have one online campaign running.

With my websites, On page search engine optimization is the major focus. Yes then I build some backlinks using 4 or 5 time proven methods. And that's it.

Your online projects that need frequent and long term attention should be your blog and your membership site be it forum or training site.

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