Sunday, 1 February 2009

Facebook Privacy Issues?

Just came across this article via twitter. By the way Twitter is fast becoming addictive. If you don't have a twitter account it is worth considering

But back to the Facebook thing. As affiliate marketers a lot of us like to maintain our anonymity just because we are rather private people. And on Facebook we are assured that no one can read your profile details unless you have approved them as a friend first. So privacy ensured, right?

Imagine my alarm when I came across this story in the telegraph titled 'Networking site cashes in on friends'

And the subheading 'Facebook founder finally finds a way to profit from its 150m members' private data '

The thrust of the story is they are planning to allow multinational companies to selectively target it's members based on the details you put in your profile


Guys, should we be worried?

The link for the story is

Please share your thoughts


hanum said...

facebook has more complete guide for new privacy features. That's good.

ami said...

Absolutely right hanum
They have recently updated their privacy policy. But it's a little worrying that the default setting appears to be the one that shows your details to everyone, friend or foe