Friday, 30 January 2009

Is My Website Still Indexed In Google?

'How can I find out if my website is indexed in google?' is a question that frequently pops up in the newbie forums

The simple answer is this.

  • Paste your website's URL in the Google search bar. If it is indexed, it will come up with the title tag of your page and the description metatag. If more than one page is indexed then it will provide a list of indexed pages with the format as described above.
  • An alternative is to type in site:yourdomainname. Again this brings up a list of indexed pages with the titles and metatags

If the message returned is says your site is not found it could be one of two things.

  • New website: The site is really new and has not been crawled by the google bots yet. The solution is to try and get links to your site from authority sites or frequently crawled sites
  • Banned site: Some irregularities have occurred in relation to your site and google has banned the site. These irregularities could be bad links, keyword stuffing etc. If you are aware that you are doing anything against the TOS then you really should delete whatever it is and try reapplying to Google for re indexing. Usually not successful and other marketers have reported having to start from scratch to get their content back into Google. I suppose the lesson is stick within the TOS

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