Thursday, 11 December 2008

Make Money With Adsense Traffic Question

Adsense is an increasingly popular method of making money online

Especially among internet marketing beginners

But the sad truth of the matter is many of them report success as making a couple of dollars a day.

Yes $2 dollars a day and they are all over the forums with their 'check me out' posts

Hang on a minute. $2 a day means $60 a month!!!

Not really a business is it

One of the things that a lot of the adsense training books overlook is how much traffic you need to make a decent income with Adsense

They all say 'drive loads of traffic'

But what's 'loads' of traffic?

For any internet marketing newbie getting 10 unique visitors a day is pretty good going. A hundred and they are ecstatic.

But the truth is this is just a trickle

Let's do the maths for a second

Let us assume that you have really good adsense conversions, say 10% of the website's visitors click on your adsense ads.

And lets say you are in a niche that pays $1 per click on average, for example

To really make a significant income from adsense ads that is going to help you 'Fire the boss' you really need to be making $3000 a month.

That's $100 a day

So to get this income how many visitors a day do you need if your click through rate remains at 10%

$100 means 100 clicks which means 1000 visitors a day

Now lets take a closer look at the forums

Too many posts with people claiming 10 cent clicks and even 5 cent clicks

So it would seem that for the majority, they actually need 10,000 visitors a day with a really high click through rate to get ant decent income from adsense

So am I saying adsense is bad or not worthwhile?

Certainly not

I make a significant proportion of my online income from adsense

But this really is a 'getting you in the right frame of mind' post

You need to focus on your traffic generating campaigns to really make adsense work for you

Till next time

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Gerry Walter said...

Yeah - So true about what you are saying.

$2 a day is not a big business at all.

The key is traffic and targeted traffic. Get Targeted Traffic and you can easily make more than $2 a day!