Saturday, 6 December 2008

SEO Practitioners. Yahoo An Option

In the world of SEO [search engine optimization], in every SEO ebook or manual, we are told that the aim is to rank well in Google for our chosen keywords.

So we go about trying to generate Quality backlinks amd do our on page optimization and chase the same spot that is being chased down by hundreds of other marketers.

And dare I say, some more savvy that us

And in all this flurry we sometimes forget that Google is not the only search engine out there, at least not yet :)

I just did traffic analysis on one of my sites and found that in the search engine traffic category, Yaho was giving that site about 4,500 uniques per day whereas I was getting a measly 1000 from Google

So a quick heads up to you affiliate marketers and SEO enthusiasts out there

Yes Google is King of the search engines

But Yahoo, well it can provide you with a significant income too

Till next time

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