Friday, 12 December 2008

Search Engine Optimization. The First Paragraph

This search engine optimization tip is one that I try to apply in all my online work. At least where possible.

So if you have your own blog or website, by now you will have realized that you need some SEO if your site is to get anywhere in the search engines

And these days getting good ranking is like going to war. The competition is really that fierce

Anyway here's a tip that works

Pay attention to the first 25 words on your webpage, be it blog or website

They really do matter.

It is important that you include your keyword /phrase AND some related words here

When the search engine bot gets to your page and finds a well crafted first paragraph, the bot knows precisely what keywords your page is relevant for

It is important not to overdo it, i.e the SEO, though

Since the florida update, the bot has been on the lookout for pages that are 'over optimized' and will penalize them

Till next time

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