Friday, 16 April 2010

Get Backlinks From Statistics Websites

So for those who are really desperate for backlinks, there is a relatively simple method of getting backlinks from statistics websites.

Statistics websites are sites that show some statistical information about other websites e.g. alexa, websiteoutlook, jinxsun, etc

They show information like traffic, backlinks, value of website. The information is not always accurate and two of these sites can have absolutely different figures for the same site. For example the value of this blog is $9767.4 on websiteoutlook and $48581 in strategicfirst [heavens knows where the point four came from]. So for statistical analysis the information is to be taken with a shovel full of salt. However each of these sites has a backlink to the site being analyzed. Hmmm.

Unfortunately for the majority, the backlinks are no follow but a few have do follow

So how would you use these links?

Indexing. remember we said that to get indexed, it does not matter whether the links to your site are do follow or no follow The Google bot can crawl these links, it's just they only give SEO weight to do follow links. [See Do follow, what exactly is do follow]

So if you have a website that is new and you want the Google bots to discover, then these links from statistics websites could be useful.

Problem is the process could be time consuming if this is done manually.

Solution - an free online script that does it all for you. The site is

Check it out
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