Saturday, 17 April 2010

Content, Best On Page SEO

In a post on search engine optimization which I think I put up two days ago, I talked a lot about backlinks for SEO. In fact I think the post yesterday was also on some aspect of getting backlinks to help your search engine optimization efforts.

But On page optimization matters and it matters a great deal. So do not neglect your on page SEO

When you talk about on page search engine optimization, people start talking about title tags and headers and keyword density, which is all well and good

But the most important aspect of your on page search engine optimization efforts, in my opinion, should be content.

In another post we have talked about volume of content and all that but here I want to talk about the quality of your content.
  • Does you post or website deliver what the title suggests
  • Does it speak to your readers
  • Are your readers likely to come back based on their satisfaction with this one post.
You have to start writing content for people not for the search engines.

Someone said the search engine is an algorithm, a robot, and no robot is going to make a purchase from your site or opt in to your email list.
People however do make purchases, and click on adsense ads and occasionally some even give you their email address so you can contact them again and again.

It is the content on your pages that will compel them to reach into their pockets.

You are probably thinking that what we have discussed so far has more to do with conversions than with search engine optimization

But hang on a minute
Google aims to deliver accurate, relevant and useful content to their search engine users
You aim to deliver useful, relevant, accurate and current information to your website users.

Looks like you and Google are trying to achieve the same thing

It stands to reason then that if you are writing with quality in mind, you'll be delivering the kind of content that Google wants to deliver to it's audience

Think about it

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