Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Make Money With Adsense. One Website or Many

Adsense is a favorite topic of mine and when I visit the forums I tend to gravitate towards the adsense subforums.

A recurring question in adsense forums is 'Which is better, make one big site and monetize with adsense or make several niche sites?'

And it's a valid question.
The answer however depends on who is asking the question

So if you are a newbie to making money with adsense and you asked the question 'One website or many?' the answer would be start with one website. And I have a few reasons for this

Learning curve. Have you noticed in the forums there are a lot of people making next to nothing with adsense? These people are not particularly dull or lazy. They are just evidence that it takes some work and know how to start making a significant income with adsense. Yes, there is a learning curve with adsense. Problem is as newbies we throw all these sites up, slap some adsense code on the website and then hope for the money to roll in. But if you are making anything more than a couple of dollars a day with adsense, you will know it takes more than this.

So to the newbie I say build one niche website, put content on it, get traffic to it, learn the skills it takes to make money from adsense with the website before making more sites.

Content generation. The newbie is often not in a position to pay a large amount of money for unique content to put on your website. So that means you have to generate your content yourself.

And believe me, content generation is hard work and time consuming. This naturally limits how much content you can generate a day. So I advice focusing all that creativity on one website and get that to profitability instead of spreading yourself too thin across lots of websites

Getting traffic. Not the easiest task in the world. Getting traffic, significant amounts of traffic to a website that will result in a respectable income from adsense, is no mean task. Gone are the days when you just had to build the website and they came. Now you have to build backlinks, do some social networking, perhaps joint ventures, and then there are press releases. Loads of activities involved in getting traffic to this one site. So as the newbie, again focusing your efforts on your one adsense site makes more sense than building a ton of sites

I read a forum post by someone aiming to make 300 adsense monetized blogs.


The premise is that each site can make about a dollar a day and ... lets just stop there a second. A dollar a day with a blog that you have put minimal effort into getting traffic to... not likely

For the seasoned internet marketer who has a the money to invest, the answer to the question 'one website or many websites to make money with adsense' is many websites. But by many I mean a dozen not a hundred.

Why the different response?

Because of the power of outsourcing. The wonderful thing about making money with adsense on your website is virtually every aspect of the process can be outsourced.

And if you have been marketing online for a while, you will have figured out what works and what doesn't with regards to adsense.

And because you now know what works, you can spend money outsourcing some of the tasks. Outsourcing allows you to effectively run multiple sites simultaneously but the key still remains knowing what to outsource and to whom

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