Friday, 9 April 2010

Website Load Speed And Google Search Position

Search engine optimization can be a real pain. Mainly because of the ever changing algorithms of Google. I know a lot of people say there are other search engines but as long as Google has the lions share of search engine users, the smart niche marketer will try to get some of this traffic.

So we tend to be a little obsessed with SEO, especially SEO for Google. And although they never reveal their algorithm, we guess at the components based on experience.

And it looks like another change is coming soon according to this post.

The change is that the speed with which your website loads will be factored in to where it appears in the search engine result pages for your keywords

Makes sense really as Google's aim is to deliver relevant, accurate results for queries and at the convenience of the web user.
We all know how irritating it is when you click on a website and it takes...forever for the oage to load.

So how does this affect you the affiliate marketer.

You have got to do what it takes to reduce your websites load time.

A few things you can do to reduce page load time are

  • Images. They look great and can help the user experience but do not go overboard with images. Also if you have a few images on one page, consider combining them into fewer images perhaps by using a photo editor to merge them.
  • HTML. Try and keep your code as clean as possible. Avoid unnecessary code or broken code. These just slow things down
  • I frames and redirects. If it's not necessary, avoid I frames and redirects. They just slow things down a little.
  • Music. Some of you like to have a tune playing when someone loads your website. While it may appeal to some of your visitors, it is another drain on the speed with which your website loads
These are just a few tips but a search on the web will reveal a ton more

Till next time

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