Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Changes In Google Webmaster tools

I recently logged into my Google webmaster tools account and found things have changed a little and for the better.

By the way I think every niche marketer should have a webmaster tools account. it's free and gives you a lot of information about how Google sees your website

Recently though Google has added a great feature to the analytics aspect of webmasters tools

Previously it showed us the keyword that our sites appear in the top 100 for. and in a separate column showed us the keywords sending traffic to our websites. This alone is very useful information

But Google has amalgamated this and improved it
Now you have a table showing the keywords your website has impressions for and the click through rate. This is excellent research information for improving your search engine optimization efforts.

If you do not have a Google webmaster tools account, drop everything and sign up for one NOW. it will help you manage your websites better

Till next time

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