Monday, 7 December 2009

Unique Method Of Getting Do Follow Backlinks To Your Niche Websites

So to continue with or backlinks theme I thought I would go over how to get do follow backlinks to your site

Now this method I cannot take credit for. But it certainly does work.

Before I go into the details of how you can find websites with do follow attribute on their outgoing links, lets take some time to review the more commonly used methods

Article Directories

Still a very good method of generating backlinks. Article marketing can be effort and time intensive but the links are under your control and the possibility for syndication is an added bonus.

By this I mean if other webmasters copy your article from the directory and post it on their web pages, they are obliged to include your link. Meaning more than one backlink from one article.

The added bonus, if your article gets syndicated, is you get IP diversity for the links i.e links from different websites on different servers per article. As long as your article is of such quality that people will want it on their sites.

I still think using ezinearticles to generate backlinks is a good strategy for generating backlinks I still recommend ezinearticles for this and you can read all about the nitty gritty of using this directory at ezinearticles and your niche website

Blog commenting

This one I am a little luke warm about. For a few reasons.

Your links are totally under the control of the blog's webmaster. He can decide to delete all comments or suddenly change from do follow to no follow attribute on his links or all other manner of behaviour that makes the links 'not so reliable'

Also there are not many high PR blogs out there that are willing to give out do follow links in their comments. Most of them have been sniffed out by spammers and have become no follow as a result of spamming.
So this means that a lot of the blogs you'll uncover will be of lower PR and although better than no links at all you'll need a ton of these links to make an impression on your own sites SERPs position.

Having said that, there are some really good tips on these posts how to find do follow backlinks and No and Do follow link finder

Forum participation

Some forums allow you to have a link in your signature and although the majority of the forums are no follow, there is still a healthy number of forums that have do follow attribute in their signature links. I am sure you have come across those forum posts that have a list of forums with do follow in their backlinks. And we all scurry to join and add our precious backlinks only to find one of the following

  • You need 100 or 250 or some other number of posts before your signature can be displayed
  • Or It's a paying forum...Ouch
  • Or the forums are so overrun with spam that they either go to no follow or ban people at the drop of a hat.
There are still some forums out there that have been steady with the do follow attribute on outgoing links. Some useful affiliate marketing forums has more information on this

And we could go on and on

But I have recently been using a method that helps you

  • Find sites with do follow outbound links
  • Shows you how to find sites with IP diversity [very important]
  • Teaches you how to create backlinks that actually do count
  • Gives you a list of about 500 of these sites to get you going

You can learn more about this method at really serious backlinks

Does this method work. Well for the websites I have used it on, I have had an increase in my SERPs after just a couple of weeks.


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Angel, all the methods described in this post are legal and above board. I know that especially for newbies getting backlinks and PR [by the way, you should not really be focusing on PR, waste of time]but getting the links can seem an up hill task but there are ways and means of ethically getting valuable one way backlinks that will help your search engine rankings. You just have to apply yourself

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