Sunday, 6 December 2009

Banish No Follow Links Find Do follow Backlinks

Specifically searching for sites that allow do follow links is something that I am little uneasy about talking about, certainly sharing tips about how to find do follow sites is something that I tend to do with a bit of concern.

Simply because of the share number of people who just spam these sites

But amongst us are ethical bloggers and webmasters and this post on finding do follow sites is for you

Please, please, please do not spam the sites you find using this technique

Make sure you add comments that are useful content and add to the conversation started in the blog or forum.

Before I tell you the method I am here to share today, a little explanation on why I search for the do follow attribute on links to my sites

Generally I tend to comment on blog posts that are relevant to me. I usually do not bother with if the blogs in question are do follow or no follow, call me stupid but I don't

The simple reason for this is most of the blogs and forums are low PR and there are better ways of getting high PR do follow links to your sites.

But I was curious to know which of my blog comments were generating the greatest amount of traffic to my sites. Hence my getting the software I will tell you about.

Funny enough the sites that generate the largest amount of direct traffic to my web pages are the no follow blogs. Go figure!
My explanation for this is people who visit these forums or blogs and bother to read the comments are mainly interested in the content rather than in dropping a spammy link.

Anyway so how can you generate do follow links to your website

This method requires you to use FireFox as your web browser. Click Firefox to download and install

FireFox as you all know is an open source web browser that is very versatile. The main advantage of FireFox is the plethora of plug ins available

One such plug in is the no do follow plug in.
Once you have installed FireFox, go to and download the plug in. it takes a few seconds to install.

So what does the no do follow plug in do

When you launch any page that has backlinks on it in FireFox, right click your mouse to get a drop down menu. Select no do follow and all the links on the page are highlighted. Do follow links in blue and no follow in pink

So before you post your comment you can quickly and easily find out if the website supports do follow links in it's comments...At the click of the mouse literally

This method can help you find blogs that have do follow in outgoing links but again, please use this ethically


mra said...

It is very good post to understand the Dofollow and Nofollow blogs. If one is using blogger they can edit html to remove "nofollow" tag from comment section as well as backlink:url section. So that genuine blogger cn take advantage of dofollow backlinks. But there is need to maintain the ratio of inbound and outbound links.In you plugin correct one thing BLUE color shows Nofollow links while red color dofollow link

ami said...

Thanks for dropping by mra and thanks for your comment

just a small clarification
With the plug in that I recommend in this post, No follow highlights as pink or red and do follow as blue

mra said...

Hi, I agree with you.No follow highlights as pink or red and do follow as blue.
Thanks for clarification.

Andy said...

Hi Ami. I have been using "one way text links" and "Easy Submits" in a vain effort to gain exposure for my blog. And after er! some considerable time still have only 42 sites linking in. Heeeelp! Should I desist and find other ways to gain visitors.

Love your site great work.

Andy said...

Hi Again. Most people post replies to my site saying thanks for the heads up etc. But some of them contain links to sites dating agency's and alike. Should I delete the comment or, are all comments, links, good?

ami said...

Hi Andy. Hope you had a great weekend.

I really like what you have done with

Regarding the comments in your question, the technical word for them is SPAMMERS and all those comments I would suggest you reject
They add nothing to your content and only try and sap link juice from you

I get a few of those and just do a weekly mass delete

Are you using comment moderation, I suggest you do

Business Startup Loans said...

Hello andy,

I am also facing the same problem on one of my blogs, some comments are really too big, it includes like, thanks for posting or theme related comments, they all are spams, i only approve those comments which contains info related to the posts only, this ensures that reader reads the full post and than commented, which surely cant be a spam..


website Design company usa said...

Thanks buddy its a very nice information keep blogging such nice informations..

Steve said...

Thanks for the post. I got the plugin and promise to use it for good. :) I actually can use this on my sites to check if my nofollow code is ok.. Personally, I don't post on blogs just because they are follow or not But, I do get a fair amount of traffic none the less..

Linda from Bakersfield said...

You mentioned that there are better ways to get high PR backlinks than blog. Are you referring to direcotry submission or sth else?

ami said...

Linda, In my opinion the best way of getting one way backlinks that have authority is guest blogging. It is a resource that even in 2011 is under utilized. Good luck in your business

Diablo said...

I installed the Firefox plugin that you recommended. Works great, but I wished they had picked different colors. I am color blind and they are hard to differentiate, although luckily, not impossible.

write my essay said...

Thanks for your tips. It really help me finding do follow blogs. But I am looking for something that can find dofollow blogs with PR. Do you know anything like that?

ami said...

Try using SEO quake. Tells you the PR but not if they are do follow

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