Tuesday, 1 December 2009

About The New FTC regulations And Affiliate Marketers

As niche marketers or affiliate marketers, we have all heard about the new FTC regulations and have seen all the doom and gloom emails about how they can affect our business

For those of you who are totally unaware, the Federal trade commission has revised it's guidelines regarding endorsements and testimonials.

So how does this affect us as affiliate marketers

  • Disclosure: As an affiliate marketer, there must be a disclosure included on every page stating your relationship to the product and that you get a commission for sales secured
  • Accuracy: You are responsible for checking out the product and making sure that as far as your level of expertise, it does what it claims to do
  • False Testimonials: that's self explanatory really
  • Corroboration: In promoting a product it is the usual outcome of using the product that you can comment on not unusual outcomes [All those make $10000 overnight training courses suddenly spring to mind] You may be required to provide proof of such claims.

So those are the main things I have picked up so far

The question is does this really affect you as a niche marketer or affiliate marketer.

Well it really does depend on how you have conducted your business so far.

If you have followed the principles in this blog, you have no reason to worry. We have already covered promoting only products that you truly believe in.

We have also talked in some posts about how buying and using the product is the best way to get a feel of whether the product works and also allows you to promote the product with enthusiasm.

We have mentioned that having a disclaimer or disclosure on your site is crucial. Albeit it was with regards to AdSense but seems all forms of advertising apply

So perhaps there is not much cause for alarm for the ethical marketer

I'd advice though that you all take a look at the new guidelines and make sure that you've crossed all your T's and dotted all your I's

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