Sunday, 30 December 2007

How to Use Simple Written Articles to Drive Lots of Traffic to Your Website. Part 5

What websites should you submit your articles to to generate tonnes of traffic to yours

There are websites that accept and display your articles for free. The bonus for these sites is they have content, loads of content, generated for them by article writers like you. Imagine the adsense revenue each of these sites must be making off the back of your hard work.

The upside for you is that these sites by virtue of the wealth of content on them, rank well with the search engines and have a large amount of traffic coming to them each and every day. Because you have back links to your site, or affiliate link, in your bio box, some of this traffic becomes yours. Also having back links from some of these sites can help boost the ranking of your site.

The article sites I suggest you use are

These are two sites that i have used and still use with good results

Now you know all there is to know to successfully set up an article marketing campaign to help increase your web site's traffic

You can learn more at

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