Sunday, 16 December 2007

Article Marketing: Where do you get articles from?

First off article marketing is not for everyone. Some people just can not write to save their lives.

Article marketing the bum marketing way requires that you write a whole bunch of articles in a pretty short period of time.

The articles must be original i.e. not duplicates of other people's articles you have found online.

The best sources of articles are
  • Write your articles yourself: Probably the best way in my book. The articles will reflect your own unique style and help to brand you and your business. You can get ideas for articles
  1. Based on your own experience in the particular niche

  2. Inspiration from other peoples articles
  • Get a ghost write to write you a bunch of articles.This is not very expensive but you run the risk of putting up articles that do not truly reflect your business. Of course you can always edit these articles before you publish them
  • PLR articles: You can purchase a bunch of PLR articles at reasonably low cost. Never, ever use free PLR articles, they are just so badly written and have no useful content. Once you have bought your PLR package, you need to alter the articles a little. You need to realize that you are not the only person the PLR package has been sold to. If you do not alter the content, you seriously run the risk of duplicate content.

A good collection of PLR articles and ebooks can be obtained at a reasonably low price at

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