Friday, 28 December 2007

How to Use Simple Written Articles to Drive Lots of Traffic to Your Website. Part 3

Article marketing is such an easy and free way to generate targeted traffic to your website that every affiliate or Internet marketer owes it to him or herself to invest some time and effort in article marketing.

Your article, once accepted by the article submission site is live on the Internet for the life time of the article publishing site

Even when your articles go into the archives, the backlinks are still pointing to your affiliate link or website link.

I can almost hear a bunch of you saying, 'but I can't write'

Everyone can write an article. You just have to follow a simple plan or layout and before you know it, you will be churning out loads of quality articles that are easy for your readers to read.

Always have the attitude that your article is simply outlining your thoughts on a particular topic. Write this out in an orderly manner so that one point flows into another resulting a well written article.

It is important that you word your article in a manner that causes your readers to want more information. It is those articles that provide quality information that will rise to the top and continually generate clicks on the link in your biobox, long after you submitted the article.

The content of your article must be something that potential customers will be interested in.

Earlier I mentioned that you need a simple outline to follow in structuring your articles. An example of such an outline is described below

1. Title: Attention grabbing and curiosity arousing
2. Introduction: Tickle their imagination with your introduction
3. Message A
4. Message B
5. Message C
6. Conclusion
7. Biobox including a backlink to your website or your affiliate link

If well written, your article will create a hunger for more in your readers.

Your articles should build their expectations so much that they would just want to click through.

In creating the signature to put in your biobox or byline, you must remember to continue to arouse their curiosity. Make them feel that there is a treasure trove of information or a product they just must get on the other side of the click.

It is easy to overhype your signature and therefore reduce your click through rate so be careful that you article and signature do not come across as contrived or spammy

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