Friday, 14 December 2007

Article Marketing and Bum Marketing

Bum marketing is simply promoting your product via lots of articles submitted to other people's sites.
This is an effort intensive but free way of making some money on the internet.

You can use Bum marketing to

  • Promote an affiliate link
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Build your opt in list

Article marketing is simply writing articles on a subject in your chosen niche and submitting these articles to article submission sites on the Internet.

At the bottom of each of your articles, include a bio or resource box containing a link to your website or your affiliate link. cloaked, of course! If you are using bum marketing to increase traffic to your site then it is pretty important that you use anchor links.

For example Internet Marketing Articles for Newbies

Why does bum marketing work?

The idea is other webmasters come to the article submission sites, see your well written, search engine optimized article, copy it in it's entirety and paste it on their own websites. This is a good thing. Good because the major article submission sites insist that articles used from them are reproduced in their entirety. Bio or resource box included.

If your article is really useful, it could get picked up by a ton of websites.

The advantage of this?

Back links to your website or affiliate link. More traffic, more sales!!!

Bum marketing is a well developed and advanced method of using article marketing to make an income online. It takes alot of effort on your part but it is free and more importantly, highly effective.

A step by step guide to bum marketing can be found at

In the next few posts, We will explore the ins and outs of article marketing and bum marketing

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