Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Top Tips from Autoblogging

Autoblogging is the process of creating a blog that automatically populates itself with content. Other peoples' content. Personally I am not into autoblogging. Something whiffy about it. But as an affiliate marketer, I learned everything I could about autoblogging so that I know what the rest of the industry is doing.

And I learned a few things that applied in non-autoblogging have yielded good results.

The thing is the people in autoblogging realize one basic but important thing. Content is King. Lots of content and frequently updated. That's why autoblogs do so well.

But as an ethical marketer who is not into autoblogging, I thought I'd apply this one principle to one of my blogs

The principle is simple. Post content frequently. Obviously the burden on those of us that like to generate our own content is the burden of creating the content. But I gave it a go

So I started a blog in a competitive niche, no point in going for easy pickings. and started writing good quality content often. I admit, I could not keep up to the post every few hours or everyday that autoblogging permits but I posted to this blog a couple of times a week.

I sometimes only posted once a week.Just because I have other online projects that need my attention and then there is the day job as well. And also if you really do not have something useful to post, then I believe you shouldn't post at all

Anyway, a few months later and my blog is number one in Google for some pretty lucrative keywords.

Again I do not autoblog but by understanding one of the reasons why autoblogging works and applying that principle to my blog, result!

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