Sunday, 6 June 2010

Title Tags And Search Engine Optimization

Title tags are so crucial to your search engine optimization.

Yet when I look at some 'niche marketers' websites, i just have to shake my head in dismay. No wonder sites are not ranking as well as they should be, especially when the keywords that the sites I reviewed are aiming for are not exactly what you would call competitive.

The main problem or I should say a common problem is the use of the title tag.

The title tag as I said earlier is crucial to your SEO efforts. The title tag is that area of text that comes up right at the top of the browser when you load a webpage. And is a real hot spot for optimizing your website for the search engines

So why am I coming across so many sites with index and homepage as the title tag when asked to review websites?

It is important that you use your title tag optimally
Include your keyword or keyword phrase there.

More importantly make sure the keyword you are targeting appears first in your title tag.

I'll give you an example. I could use the title tag 'get the skinny on title tags and SEO' for this page.

But what in earth is 'get the skinny'? How is that aspect of my title tag going to help my optimization

Why not 'Tittle tag and SEO, get the skinny'

Or simply

'Tittle tag and SEO'

I think in our rush to write attention grabbing headlines, which are not a bad thing if used appropriately, we have to consider what effect our choice of words will have on the performance of the website in the search engines.

You can 'get the skinny' all you like but if you are in position 100 in Google for your chosen keyword [and perhaps position 3 for get the skinny :) ] what good is that going to do you

Now I am not saying that the title tag is the only element of SEO and by all means you can get really good rankings by implementing other components of search engine optimization like load time and backlinks. But I am saying that it is an easy to implement and really effective component of search engine optimization

So do a couple of minutes work on your web pages title tags and you'll see good returns with respect to your search engine position

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Really great tips. These basic stuff should not me forgotten because this is the foundation of a good SEO and online marketing campaign. Too bad some newbies actually don't mind these at all.