Friday, 18 June 2010

Difference Between Successful Blogs And Your Blog

If you are a blogger looking to improve the results you are getting from your blog, this post is for yo.

I don't care if the desired action is to make a sale or get an opt in or get an adsense click, they are all measures of outcome from your blogging activity. They are your desired results.

While it is true that there are a lot of factors that could influence the outcome of your blog e.g. blogging platform, colour scheme, day of the week on which you post, even time of day that you post, all these things all add up to a small part of what determines blog success. Yes they are important but they are the fine print. The difference as measured in cents.

What we want to know is how to make a difference to the dollars. The big impact.

We are told that the motto of a blogger should be

"Write Post
Get Traffic"

And when you read all the blogging guides out there be it John Chow's or Yaro Starak's they all teach variations of the same thing. Post frequently, capture your leads and get traffic.

And you are probably doing this.

So why is it that some blogs generate hundreds to thousands of dollars per month for the blog owner while others do not. We are all "writing posts" and "getting traffic"

The difference is in the quality of your posts. It's not enough to post any old dross.

Your visitors must get something from your blog. An Ah-ah moment, some entertainment, a nugget of information they did not know before, a tip that helps them in their day to day lives, or business, something!

You must give them something with each and every post. It's why autoblogs just do not work when it comes to making a significant income online [I know, it's beginning to sound like I have something against autoblogs. Actually I do but that's for another day]

The amazing blogs that generate hundreds of dollars are written by...people. Shock horror. People like you and me who sit down and put quality content on their blogs.

And so can you!

If I have done nothing else, I do hope this post has stimulated you to try just a little harder with your blogs. It will make all the difference

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