Monday, 14 June 2010

EzineArticles User Friendly Article Statistics

Ezine articles is probably one of my favorite article directories. It's got decent PR and I have had no problems getting my articles accepted and published by them.

One great feature of ezinearticles is the ability to see how often your articles have been viewed, how often the link in your signature has been clicked etc

And this information is really useful. But ezinearticles have cranked things up a notch. The new article statistics layout is awesome. It gives you all the information AND Trends on one page.

For me recently my articles have not been getting as many views as they did a few months ago.

I suppose I have to spend some effort promoting them. And I decided all this from a ten second glance at the new ezinearticles article statistics page!

Al I can say is 'Awesome!'

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