Sunday, 27 June 2010

Free Software Like Photoshop

Photoshop is the gold standard for photo editing software.
As an internet marketer you'll need photo editing ability to do things like creating your header, making favicons, editing screen captures, etc

And photoshop is second to none regarding this.

But it costs about $700 give or take a dollar. And most of you reading this just do not have that amount of disposable income.

So what are the alternatives?


Gimpshop is a modification of the open source photo editing software, Gimp, and it is so cool it's unbelievable. The modification according to the official website is in order to make people who are used to the photoshop interface comfortable with Gimpshop.

Gimpshop works across a wide variety of platforms e.g. Windows, Linux, mac

I'll add some screen captures to this post later. Unfortunately I am not at home at the moment.

I do most of my photo editing with Gimpshop. It is free to download at

and there are tutorials on how to use Gimp at

Check it out!


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What a nice Tool, Thanks for sharing this.. never heard about it, you always rocks.. :)

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