Sunday, 7 March 2010

Spot The Internet Marketing Cowboys

Internet marketing or affiliate marketing con artists.
Admit it you may have fallen for one or two. I certainly did early in my Internet marketing carrier. You know those ebooks that promise you the earth and deliver.... sod all!
Now, a little wiser, there are some tell-tale signs that you are about to be hijacked rather than gain a whole load of useful knowledge

Here are a few

Any headline or ebook name with the word 'guaranteed'
Now I am not saying that they are all scams but no-one can guarantee any results with any technique!!
All you need to do to confirm this is scroll down and read their disclaimer.
An example of these headlines is '300 targeted visitors free to your website in the next 15 minutes guaranteed' Come on! And people pay their hard earned money for this stuff.
Or 'Get on page one of Google within 1 week, guaranteed' Yeah right!

Ebooks that show you 'How to make $xyza.bc from adsense'
You can be sure that you will not make $xyza.bc if you implement their techniques.

Having said that, you'll probably pick up a tip or two about adsense so it's not a dead loss

Clickbank proof of income or adsense proof of income that doesn't add up
It's reassuring when you go to buy a product and there is a clickbank proof of income or adsense proof of income attached to it. And a lot of us do not bother looking at the numbers. The large dollar figures are so impressive, aren't they?
But sometimes when you take the time to add up the numbers... they do not add up. Oops.
You would think if they were smart enough to know how to doctor their proof of income, they would be smart enough to make sure the doctored numbers add up.

E Book training by a Jack of all trades
This one really isn't a scam.
But if you find a man who claims to be an expert in every sub niche of Internet marketing, it is more likely that he is regurgitating what he or she has read rather than what he has learned through personal experience. Let me explain.

Take Perry Marshall of the definitive guide to Google Adwords. Perry focuses on adwords, he is experienced with adwords, he has made a ton of money with adwords. So when he writes a guide about adwords, we sit up and take notice. This is someone who knows what he is talking about because he has been there and done it all

Another example is Joel Comm of Google Adsense Secrets. Joel knows adsense and again when he talks about adsense we listen.

The thing about these two gurus is they stick to the niches they know. It keeps there training relevant and credible.

What would happen if either of these guys suddenly started churning out books on email marketing, ebay secrets, social networking insider tips and all what not.
I don't know about you but I think 'How can one guy be jack of all trades and master of all' Not likely

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