Thursday, 25 March 2010

Adsense Tips CSS And Adsense Earnings

I never thought changing the way I build my websites could affect the adsense ads displayed on my websites.

Let me explain.

I have a website that the adsense ads are not targeted to the content on the page. I had done everything I could think of e.g optimize keyword density, ensured adequate content on the pages i.e. at least 300 word.

And still none targeted adsense ads.

I even put up some pages with the keywprd in different positions in the page name and still nothing.

The site is in a niche that attracts a lot of adwords advertisers so I knew there was a lot of ads in the keyword pool

So I thought I would change from monetizing with adsense to using a different program e.g. adbrite or info links. Which was a difficult decision for me because I have had some success with adsense on a large proportion of my other sites.

Before changing the advertiser, I decided to revamp the site. Convert from standard HTML to CSS.

My followers on Twitter will be aware of the period when I was making this change because like all nerds, I tweeted my progress.

I kept the content as is but used external style sheets to format my pages layout

You could have blown me over with a feather when I noticed the sites adsense revenue going up. Hmm and yes I forgot to change monetization... and am I glad I did.

What gives?

Reviewing the pages showed the adsense ads were targeted to my content.

Same content, same page names, just external style sheets resulting in targeted adsense ads and better CTR.

Watch some CSS Tutorial Videos Below

Adobe Dreamweaver: Creating CSS Layouts


Course Overview

What’s Covered in the Tutorial

What is CSS?

Why Use CSS?

What You Need to Know

Core Concepts of CSS

Understanding Styles

Style Syntax

Creating Embedded Styles

Creating an External Style Sheet pt. 1

Creating an External Style Sheet pt. 2

Organizing & Managing External Style Sheets

Dreamweaver CSS Styles Panel

CSS Styles Panel – All Mode

CSS Styles Panel – Current Mode

Selector Basics

About Selectors

Class Selector

ID Selector

Context Selectors

When to Use ID vs. Class

Editing Style Rules in Dreamweaver

Managing Multiple Styles

How Styles Cascade

Cascading Rules pt. 1

Cascading Rules pt. 2


Tips for Managing Style Cascades & Inheritance

CSS Building Blocks

About Div Tags

Drawing AP Divs in Dreamweaver

Inserting AP Divs in Dreamweaver

Adding Child Divs

Using Contextual Selectors with Divs

Div Widths & Heights



Resetting Browser Default Margin & Padding


Border Width & Color

Wireframing with Dashed Borders


Why Formatting Text is Important

Choosing Fonts

Web-safe Fonts

Font Size

Applying Styles to Text

Setting Line Height

Letter Spacing

Other Font Properties

Tips for Improving Text Legibility


Indenting Paragraphs

Drop Caps

Color / Backgrounds / Images

Selecting Color Palettes for Your Design

Specifying Colors

Background Properties

The GIF Image Format

The JPEG Image Format

The PNG Image Format

Background Image - Properties

Background Image - Repeat & Positioning

Formatting Links & Lists

Understanding Link States

Link Formatting Options

Setting Up Multiple Link Schemes

Hover Link & Image Linking Tips

CSS List Properties

CSS Bullet Lists Images

Layout Basics

About CSS Page Layouts

Drawing AP Divs in Dreamweaver

Inserting Div Tags

Working with AP Divs in Dreamweaver

HTML Code for AP Div Elements

CSS & the Box Model

Floats & Clearing

Static vs. Relative Positioning

Absolute Positioning

Mixing Absolute & Relative Positioning

Fixed Positioning

Types of Web Page Layouts

Types of Web Page Layouts

Liquid Layouts

Elastic Layouts

Variable Fixed-Width Layouts

Putting it all Together: Sample Projects

Using Dreamweaver CSS Templates

Techniques for Learning Template Styles

Modifying Styles: Div Borders

Modifying Styles: Text Headers

Modifying Styles: Text & Images

Modifying Styles: Div Columns & Links

Creating CSS Pages from Scratch

Creating Styles from Scratch

Tips for Creating Styles

Tips for Applying Styles

Checking for Cross Browser CSS Problems

Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

Where to Learn More

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