Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Generating Traffic Using You Tube

You tube is phenomenal with regards to users and traffic. I can confidently say that 90% of you reading this post have viewed a youtube video this month. And over 50% have viewed a you tube video this week. Just take a moment to think about it. You tube has such great user base and you can tap into this traffic and get some to your website or blog

And a lot of marketers like you and I have gone out and got camtasia and made our videos and posted them to you tube and waited.... Expecting a stampede of traffic to our sites. And nothing happens.

Part of the problem is people want to watch videos that have already been verified by other viewers. And the means of verification is number of views.

Take a moment to think about it. If you have two videos with exactly the same title on you tube. One has 5000 views and the other has 23, which do you click on?

For most of us we click on the one that already has a lot of views. The presumption is if a lot of people are watching 'that' video, it must be the better one

So how do you get the necessary number of views to attract real viewers to your videos.

The answer is so simple I was stunned when it occurred to me. We keep banging on about sources of targeted traffic. And during our analysis of different traffic generating methods we discard some because they do not get us real traffic that converts.

Why not use these methods to generate views for your you tube videos?

Methods like traffic exchanges for example.

Remember the aim is not to get real visitors initially but to get your number of views up.It is the high number of views that then attracts the real targeted traffic who will watch your video and hopefully click through to your site

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