Monday, 8 March 2010

Autoblogging | Pros and Cons of Autoblogging

Autoblogging has become pretty famous or in some cases infamous lately. Before I launch in, I should perhaps explain what autoblogging is

Autoblogging is short for automatic blogging. Autoblogging involves generating content for your blog from other sources online. The sources could be RSS feeds from other blogs, ezinearticles, you tube, press releases etc. Anything that syndicates it's content via RSS

Anyone reading between the lines will understand why autoblogging has recently become more popular. Webmasters are waking up to the concept of on page optimization. For a while there we abandoned all and focused primarily on getting backlinks. Because we thought backlinks were the key to good search engine position. And they do have a big part to play.

But soon we realized that the amount of content you have on your pages has a lot to do with the ranking and search engine positioning of our pages. So now we are back to generating a ton of content for our pages.

Problem is generating genuine, unique content ain't easy and it can be time consuming. This little post on autoblogging, I am certain, will take me about 30 minutes to complete. Add on that the time taken to research and understand the topic.

So if I wanted to post 3 or 4 articles on this blog a day, that would take a lot of hours. Not time I have especially since I have a handful of websites and blogs

With autoblogging, you can use other peoples' content to populate your blog. This suddenly means the time limit on the number of posts you can generate is gone. So you can set your autoblog to post 3, 4 , 20 whatever number of articles you choose a day.

Problem with autoblogging is the content is not unique. It is duplicate content and therefore you have already given your blog a distinct disadvantage from the start. Having said that the share quantity of content may make up for this

Earlier I mentioned that autoblogging is infamous with some marketers and I'd better clarify that. Autoblogs are not popular with the search engines especially Google. If we keep in mind that Google's main aim is to deliver relevant results to keyword searches, it becomes immediately clear why autoblogs are not their favorite blogs

Also going through the forums, a few webmasters have reported an adsense ban which they feel is due to their use of the autoblogging technique.

Personally, I do not autoblog and have no intention of doing so in the near future. This and all my other web properties are focused on delivering unique and useful content to my visitors. As a result I am not an expert on autoblogs but I feel it is important to tell you, my blog visitors about autoblogging. It may be something you want to pursue

More information on autoblogging at autoblogs explained


Warren said...

I agree with your decision and there is no way I will autoblog either. Posting content that results in bringing people to a lucrative action on both sides is a much wiser path in my opinion.

Niche Marketing said...

Autoblogging will hopefully die fast.I can't stand services like Wordpress Direct that is just making junk sites all over the web.

Matt Rhys-Davies said...

I refuse to autoblog, actually after reading a reddit thread about the process it got me angry enough to write a post on why I hate it. Then found your site and the commenters on here, and glad that there are a number of people who still see content as king.