Friday, 19 March 2010

RSS Feed For Traffic Increase Website Traffic With RSS

RSS feeds are something you need to get into as a niche marketer if you are serious about getting traffic to your blog.

It really is amazing how easy it is.

If you use any of the standard blogging platforms like blogger or Wordpress, you already have an inbuilt RSS feed generator. So why are you not leveraging it?

I have been an enthusiast of RSS feeds for a while now and have written a few posts on RSS feeds on this blog.

And I have always used RSS Feeds in conjunction with other traffic generating methods. After all it's about multiple sources of traffic

Anyway I put RSS to the test on a brand new blog I set up a few weeks ago

First, I focused on getting content to the blog, so no advertising, no monetization, no link building, just content with some on page optimization.

It's a wordpress blog so I suppose it already has some potential to get traffic. And I was getting about 7 to 10 visits a day which is pants but not bad for a site with no incoming links. Having said that a lot of the traffic was people trying to post spammy comments :(

Once I had 10 good quality posts up I decided it was time to test out the RSS feed theory. So i submitted my feed to a bunch of feed directories and then went on to other things.

What happened to my blog traffic? Getting 100 to 200 visits a day

I wouldn't believe it if I didn't test it out myself.

I think the RSS feeds work because some of the feed directories have do follow links and help your search engine position.

Also people use your feeds to generate content for their sites. Especially now that autoblogging is on the rise

The question arises. How often should you submit your RSS feeds to the directories. I submitted only once to each directory and I think that one RSS feed submission per directory is enough.

But even submitting once to all the feed directories can be a big drain on your time, especially if like me you have a bunch of websites

To get round this I use this RSS submitter. It's reliable and really easy to use

So something to consider guys. Submit you RSS feeds to the feeds directories for traffic

Till next time

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