Saturday, 12 September 2009

How To Post Useful Blog Comments And Get Them Accepted

Posting comments on blogs can help generate traffic to your website or blog directly or indirectly if done properly.

By direct traffic I mean a reader of your comment clicks on your link and goes to your website or blog

By indirect traffic we are talking about the SEO benefit of the backlinks to your site or blog in your blog comment if the link is 'do follow'.

We all know this. It's blog commenting 101

But to have any effect, you need for the owner of the blog which you are commenting on to accept and publish your comment.

Gone are the days when comments were posted automatically.

Now there are antispam plug ins, e.g. askimet, and heavy comment moderation going on so you have to be savvy about this

So, to maximize your comments chances of being posted' keep the following in mind each time you post a blog comment


Your comment must be relevant to the content of the post your are commenting on. It should directly address something in the post that the author has opened the door to.


Some bloggers like their egos massaged a little and those bloggers will allow a lot of 'great post on commenting' type comments. But these bloggers are few and far between.

The majority of us want comments that add to the content of our post. It could be an extra tip, a genuine question or even disagreement with the post content.

In allowing our visitors to make comments on our blogs, our main aim is to generate more content on our pages. Relevant useful content.


Most comments boxes allow you to enter a user name, email address and URL.

The URL is automatically linked to the user name if the comment is accepted.

A lot of bloggers get irritated when in the body of the comment another link is dropped. Some will automatically reject your comment just on that bases.

I am not saying don't do it. But if you are thinking about dropping another link in your comment's content, look at the other comments already published on the blog to see if any contains additional links

User name

Because of the automatic association of username and URL, a lot of us like to use our keywords
as our user name.

Some blogs actually encourage this and usually have a little icon saying keyword luv.

However some blogs use plug ins to filter out 'scam' comments. And some of these plugins will reject any user names that contain certain keywords. So, again, look at the previous comments accepted in the blog to see if this may apply

Read the post

In our rush to get as many backlinks as possible, we sometimes do not read the blog post before commenting.

I recently put a post on this blog on generating sitemaps. The post went through everything from generating the sitemap to submitting it to Google's webmaster tools.

Someone tried to post a comment asking how they could generate a site map and submit it to Google. Oh and he or she had his URL included twice in his comment. Hey?

Needless to say that comment was rejected.

When posting, show evidence in your comment that you have actually taken the time to read the article you are commenting on


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