Monday, 21 September 2009

My Big Adsense Awakening

Adsense and making a significant income online are a pipe dream. At least that's what I thought when I first started on this internet marketing or niche marketing business path

Like a lot of my niche marketing colleagues, it was a good adsense day when I made $2 in that day

Not really the fast track to financial freedom :(

And like a lot of people out there still seem to believe, if what we read in the forums is anywhere near the truth, I thought the people who make a significant income with adsense must belong to some secret club where they share the real secrets about making money with adsense

And you may snigger but the concept of adsense secrets has been used as a marketing gimmick [successful] by many a marketer

I knew I didn't have a chance of getting into any inner circle of adsense insiders, if they did exist

So I focussed on what I know and urge you if you are reading this to do the same

I focussed on content and traffic. I really knuckled down and worked hard on my sites.

Be it search engine optimization, social networking, forum participation... I was there.

I worked hard.... very hard

And you know I slowly noticed an increase in my adsense revenue.

At first it was sporadic good days, and then things evolved into sporadic bad days. I hope you can tell the difference

And so I had my huge adsense awakening. The information you need to make a success of this is all there. The tools you need to make adsense work for you, most of you probably already have

All you need to do is focus on your content, learn how to generate traffic for the long term. Work hard and adsense will pay you

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