Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Has Pingoat Shut Down

Pinging your blog is part and parcel of blogging these days. Every time you add a new post to your blog you should ping your blog's RSS feed to let feed aggregators know that you have updated your content

I have been a user of pingoat for a while now. It's reliable and easy to use

After adding a post to one of my blogs I went to pingoat to ... ping the post

Unfortunately the pinging service at pingoat is currently unavailable
Instead is one of those parked domain pages.

It's really sad to see pingoat go. I hope in the back of my mind that it is just temporary and they'll soon be back doing what they do best

It's interesting that the other service which I used from time to time kping also went down a while ago. But they have since come back but with a minor difference. There is now an opt in form to fill [name, email address and URL] before you can send your pings. Kping is still a free service, at least it was the last time I checked, but it is now a membership service

The problem with these services may be that they are so difficult to monetize. The Kping idea is an inspired one. The money is in the list after all

The good news is pingomatic seems to still be working...for now


Pingoat is back online.

Update of UPDATE!!

Sorry guys.
Pingoat really is down

Not another pingoat update!!

It seems that Pingoat is still working but they are blocking the IPs of frequent users
Because I have so many blogs with reasonably frequent updates, it is understandable that I have intermittently had issues with accessing pingoat.

So to use you will need a proxy. is a reasonably user friendly proxy site
Also, there is another site called which looks identical to


Donagh Mc Sweeney said...

Looks like Pingoat is still down. It expired two days ago and was grabbed by someone hunting for domains. Sad to see.

Ping-o-Matic is another service that's very similar, and also free.

ami said...

You are absolutely right Donagh. It's down again
I went to it via a google SERPs listing about 2 hours ago and it was up again but I think that was the cache I got

Colby said...

I love pingomatic! It easily sends the pings to a lot of the major directories.

collegegirl said...

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Donagh Mc Sweeney said...

Who knows if it will ever return. I'm sure if they wanted to rebuy the domain it would cost an arm and a leg, and pingoat can't have been that profitable so they cash is probably not there to get it back up. Renamed maybe?

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

ami said...

Hey. Looks like pingoat is back online. i just pinged this blog on it

Multimastery said...

Yeah I just went to go ping my blog and it's appears to be still down. I liked pingoat but I guess all good things have to come to an end. Oh well maybe they'll make a Big Comeback! who knows...

VideoAgent said...

Pingoat is now hosted free at GoDaddy ->

ami said...

Thanks Videoagent. There is which is free hosted with Godaddy and looks identical to

But if you use a proxy, you'll find is still up and running

catatan hery said...

it's back online again. sad i'm the last to know this such powerful tool

starcraft 2 strategy guide said...

Thanks for your advice on Unblocked - didn't know this service up until now. :) And I guess there are many other ping-services even if Pingoat isn't responding.