Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Code Bloat Will Cripple Your SEO

For anyone building websites using WYSIWYGs [HTML editors] code bloat is a real risk to your search engine optimization efforts.

We know that for SEO purposes, the less our code is the better our sites perform, referred to as the code to content ratio. It's one reason why cascading style sheets are so successful.

Before I get ahead of myself, code bloat is the presence of HTML code that is redundant or unnecessary. It includes repetitive code for the same thing and dead code i.e. code that is not translated into anything meaningful on your web pages.

You may think if it's neither necessary nor interpreted, "why is code bloat a problem?"

First as I mentioned earlier, The code to content ratio. Especially if you have a lot of content on your pages. The more unnecessary code you have on your web pages, the more rot the search engines bots have to work through to get to your content.

Second these coding errors could result in the bots not being able to spider your page properly.

So I am convinced, code bloat must be removed

For anyone using HTML editors for any period of time, you will have learned some HTML along the way

Look at the code of your web pages and root out the bloat. It could make all the difference to your site's search engine performance

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