Saturday, 8 November 2008

On Page SEO For Your Blogger Blog

So I have managed to get a few of the posts on this and other blogger blogs to rank well with the search engines for a bunch of keywords

Everyone in affiliate marketing goes on about how great Wordpress is and how all those plug ins allow you to enhance your optimization efforts. And there is no disputing that this is true

But blogger posts can also be easily optimized and you have the advantage of quick indexing with blogger

Here are a few on page optimization tips for your blogger blog

On page SEO tip 1: Domain name. Before you choose the domain name of your blogger blog, do some keyword research and determine which keyword is most relevant to your blog.

Once you have identified the keyword, use it as the first word of your blogspot domain name
Remember, the earlier in your URL the keyword appears, the better for your SEO

On page SEO tip 2: Post title. When setting up your blog, you should have selected yes for the option to allocate each post it's own unique URL.

If you have done this each post's URL is your blogger domain name + the post title.

You should, where possible, include the keyword you are targeting in each post, in the title of your post

On page SEO tip 3: Template. We know that the google bot reads the webpage from LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM.

So why would you want to choose a template that has the about me and other widgets on the left side of the page? They have little or no SEO value.

It makes better sense to use a template that has the blog post to the left of the page and all the other widgets, ads etc on the right side of the page

Till next time

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ohidul said...

your post is intertesting, can you share the blueprint that Rob follows? I will keep watching your post . great!