Friday, 28 November 2008

Alternative To OnlyWire

Onlywire is a bookmarking service that I have recommended in previous posts. And for a while it was useful.

But recently onlywire has become a subscription service i.e you pay so much a year if you want to continue using the service.

There is still a free service but that entails you putting a code on your site that allows them to place their adverts on your pages. Not clear whether these woll be adverts recommending onlywire or promoting other products. Needless to say, it will be completely out of my control as a webmaster

Not very satisfactory!

Anyway a FREE alternative to Onlywire is Socialmarker

Social marker is another mass social bookmarking service that allows you to submit lots of bookmarks in a short period of time, so check it out

I think if onlywire wants to become a paid for service, they need to up the service

If you are considering a paid for social bookmarking service then I suggest BMD.

This is a truly automated social bookmarking submission tool that just takes the hassle out of getting backlinks to your site

You can
  • set up multiple accounts for each bookmarking site
  • randomly vary the title, description, user name of your bookmarks automatically
  • set up a schedule so bookmarks can be submitted at spaced intervals and loads more

And it is a one time fee not a recurring bill.

Anyway click here for more information and videos on BMD

Till next time

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gameboy said...

hope social marker is a good alternative.