Monday, 3 November 2008

Free Directory Submission Tool

Directory submissions for backlinks is a great way of getting traffic to your site and of improving your site's performance in the search engines using backlinks.

There are two things about directory submissions that however really irritates the affiliate marketer

1. It is so monotonous to submit your sites manually to the directories. And considering that if you are doing free submissions, it can take up to 6 weeks to get your listing approved, it really becomes a pain

2. Some directories use no follow links. Now this in itself is not a problem. In a later post I will give a list of directories that have given my websites Do follow links.

But please note that I am not saying that directories with no follow links are without value. Quite the opposite. I was surprised to find that some of my websites were getting some traffic straight from my links in directories. I don't even want to venture a guess as to what person uses directories to find a website in these days of the big G, but hey, it takes all sorts

Although there are rumours out there about Google possibly ignoring directory links in future when calculating a websites popularity, for now the links still count

I have found a free directory submission tool to help automate the process

But before I give you the link, here is a quick guide on how to get the best out of this tool

Load notepad or a blank word document or get a blank piece of paper

Identify keywords that you want to rank each of your pages for and write these against the URL of the webpage on the notepad.
So you should have a list like this

Webpage 1: Keywords a, b and c
Webpage 2: Keywords X, Y, Z
Webpage 3: Keywords d, e, f

I am sure you get the trend

Now for each webpage write 4 different titles that have one or the other keyword for that page in it

So now you have a list that looks like this
  • Webpage 1: Keywords a, b and c
    Title 1 'Keyword a' made easy
    Title 2 A step by step guide to 'keyword c'
    Title 3 Is 'keyword b' a spam
    Title 4 10 things you must know about 'keyword c'
  • Webpage 2: Keywords X, Y, Z
    Title 1 'Keyword X' and 'Keyword Y' 3 crucial tips for success
    Title 2 'Keyword Z' and your business
    Title 3 A guide to making money with 'keyword Y'
    Title 4 'Keyword X' a step by step guide

Next you need to write 4 descriptions per webpage. Remember to include your keywords in the description

Save this document

The reason you are doing this is to have a variety of links once you set up your directory submitter. This means that not all the links generated to your site are the same. Anchor text variety is something that seems to count when it comes to the Google bots

Oh I forgot to mention the directory submitter has a data rotator

One last tip. Because the directories will not approve your links on the day of submission, there is very little risk of your website getting a large number of links all in one day. Even if you submit to a hundred directories in one sitting

Anyway, enough fluff from me

Click here to get your free directory submitter

Till next time

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