Sunday, 9 November 2008

Getting a New Site Indexed In Google

All affiliate marketers want their niche marketing websites to appear in the Google index quickly, preferable with good search engine position

A quick look through the affiliate marketing forums reveals a large number of posts regarding getting indexed in Google

Before you submit your site for indexing, make sure that your website is up to scratch. Check for any broken links. typos and code bloat

Then you can do one of two things

1. Go to the Google submit your url tool and submit your website's address there. You will be asked to fill in a verification code and then you have to wait. Often a long period of time. So many sites are submitted everyday with Google that it can take a long period, some have reported 3 months, before the bot crawls your site

2. You can give the bot a helping hand by helping it find your site. The thing to do is, instead of submitting your site to the 'submit your URL' form, try and generate some backlinks to your site from other frequently crawled websites. examples include ezinearticles, blogs and active forums

Obviously the links have to have a 'do follow' attribute or the bots just will not see these links

Hope this helped

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Concrete Curb said...

I would say that link exchange with higher PR site is the fastest way to get indexed by Google. :)