Sunday, 10 August 2008

Wordpress SEO | It's All In The Theme

Well we all not it's not ALL about the theme but in the competitive affiliate marketing business, you need to give your blogs every chance you can with regards to search engine optimization

It is often said that Wordpress is great for SEO and this is why a lot of affiliate marketers are using Wordpress as their blogging platform

I stubbornly stick with Blogger but that's just my preference.

Anyway for all you Wordpress enthusiasts you need to be aware of the influence of Wordpress on your SEO.

And this is where the title of my post 'Wordpress SEO, it's all about the Theme' comes in

There are some Wordpress themes that are very SEO friendly. Probably based on the amount of code, header height and such.

In choosing your Wordpress theme, take a few minutes to research how the theme affects your blog's Search engine rankings

There is always the option of getting a plug in such as all in one SEO plug in [I am told it is rather good] But best to get the basic right as well

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