Sunday, 10 August 2008

Adsense Units Showing Public Service Ads

Adsense siites are becoming a popular method of earning a living on the internet.

But what do you do when you do your niche research, get the website built, add your adsense units in those startegic places on your site and...

Instead of niche relevant adsense ads, you get public service ads. Which make a grand sum of zero dollars and zero cents per click

Shock Horror!
Here are a few reasons why this could occur and what you can do to rectify things

1. Your website is yet to be crawled by Google. This is why we are advised to complete your website and get it indexed before including your adsense code. To experdite indexing, try and get backlinks from other high traffic sites. The bots crawl the high traffic sites often and they will follow the link to your site and crawl it

2. Your site is in a niche that does not trigger any ads. The importance of doing your research before building the site cannot be over emphasized

3. Site in a naughty niche. Need I say more

4. Misuse of the robots txt in your code. This tells the google bots not to crawl certain parts of your site. So google cannot determine what the keywords and content of your site are and pout relevant ads on your pages. Hence public service ads.

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