Sunday, 31 August 2008

Ebay sues digital point owner for 'alleged' cookie stuffing

A heads up for those of you considering black hat methods


Hot on the press is the story of Ebay suing certain defendants for alleged cookie stuffing

Read the full story at

Now the case is still in its early stages so no conclusions of guilt can be drawn

Personally, I participate in the digital pounts forum at least 4 times a week and to be honest with you have gained a lot of useful information from other internet marketers there

It is a bit of a concern the implications of this allegation

If true, does this make digital point a bad forum or just reflects on Shawn, the owner.

And if proven not to be true, how long does it take to wash away the smear

I intend to continue to use the digital points forum

Anyone worried about cookie stuffing from any site need only to clear their cookies frequently

But the big message here is BLACK HAT COULD RUIN YOUR BUSINESS

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